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Top 10 MarTech Startups in APAC - 2021

As business communities steadily recover from the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic, companies are turning to digital marketing to thrive in today’s market scenario. According to Gartner, over sixty per cent of leaders are expected to increase their spending on technology this year. At the backdrop of these trends are the marketing technology companies helping businesses unleash the power of consumer data and gain insights to optimise their marketing strategies. Martech companies bridge the gap between brands and potential customers and improve the marketing process’s efficacy with personalised interactions and added values. Consequently, improving the ROI of marketing campaigns, facilitating more sales, and enhancing the overall customer experience. Over the next couple of months, it is envisaged that businesses will re-evaluate their martech stacks to maximise the performance of their current marketing plans. Martech companies will increasingly focus on business agility, develop innovative solutions that enhance customer engagement and profitability, and prepare businesses for unprecedented events.

To help organisations and leaders select the best vendors and marketing technology companies, MarTech Outlook’s editorial board has reviewed and shortlisted a handful of martech companies empowering APAC’s business ecosystem to enhance customer experience and satisfaction and deliver high-quality and high-quality and personalised services. These vendors are industry experts who bring innovative products to the table and help their clients adapt quickly to the latest demands of the global businesses community.

We present to you MarTech Outlook’s “Top 10 MarTech Startups in APAC - 2021.”

    Top Martech Startups in APAC

  • AnyMind Group develops and provides software that supports individuals and businesses for brand product planning and manufacturing, e-commerce enablement, marketing, and logistics. AnyMind Group was founded in April 2016 by Kosuke Sogo and Otohiko Kozutsumi and has expanded its business to 13 markets and 17 locations worldwide. The company’s mission is to "make every business borderless", and it will continue to remove borders between online and offline, geographical boundaries, and industries through the power of data and technology

  • Bigin, considered as a total marketing automation platform, automates specific marketing actions at different stages of the acquisition process using specific algorithms and scenario analysis based on each user. For example, a user who has visited a store for the first time and has added a product to the cart can be reminded via a push notification at a specific time of the day to increase conversion effectively. This type of automation significantly reduces the workload of marketers and improves ROAS with small needle movers that eventually adds up to overall user acquisitions during the entire user journey process

  • ChatBook provides marketing automation solutions based on Messenger bots that help organizations accelerate the lead generation, evaluation, management, completion and analysis among customers, sales and marketing teams. The company has raised funding from Salesforce Ventures, East Ventures, and Yahoo Japan Capital. ChatBook provides visibility into customer behaviour. By linking with other CRM, it is possible to respond to each person in a personalized manner. Customers collect information on a variety of devices. Clients can create new contacts and stay in touch with their customers on a platform that makes them feel comfortable

  • Outfit enables businesses to build their brand better with brand management and templating solutions that will empower them and their teams to self-create content at scale, at speed and on-brand. Outfit creates new ways to allow enterprises to be more successful through its brand management platform. Brand automation, at its most basic level, takes existing brand and marketing assets and automates the placement and use of these within a template framework. The template framework means users without design software or skills can produce collateral, on-brand

  • Tellscore provides businesses with an end-to-end platform that can automate the workflow of their influencer marketing campaigns, from identifying and onboarding micro-influencers to management and measurement of their influencer campaigns. Tellscore enables businesses to identify and engage the ideal micro-influencers for their brands swiftly and seamlessly. Leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms, Tellscore puts forth a highly efficient yet effortless influencer onboarding experience. With the Tellscore platform, businesses can also view potential engagement rates (likes, comments, and other post actions) of the added influencers, stream influencer profiles to reserve for the future, and change influencers in the wake of any incidents. Going the extra mile, Tellscore allows real-time reporting throughout the marketing funnel.

  • Epsilo


    Epsilo is a leading ecommerce marketing SaaS solution that unifies online campaigns across SKUs, marketplaces and countries to optimize sales, marketing and operations. The technology grows GMV and return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) through automated onsite marketing for effective keyword bidding and targeting. Epsilo is trusted by clients such as Unilever, L’Oreal and Xiaomi across Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore. The company is backed by Sequoia India’s Accelerator Program Surge and is a trusted partner to the top ecommerce marketplaces in the world.

  • Influenxio


    Influenxio is the leading social marketing platform powered by hundreds of thousands of creators across social media. The company empowers brands to build large-scale influencer programs to drive massive impact, as well as local business owners to increase sales by the power of word of mouth across social media. From discovery down to payment, Influenxio’s platform allows for seamless collaboration between brands and influencers at scale.

  • Lifesight


    Lifesight is a leading customer intelligence platform that helps brands and enterprises leverage identity resolution and data enrichment to power their customer data strategies like never before. Its industry-leading solution enables the transformation of customer data into actionable insights that help drive business decisions, optimize marketing spend, and improve customer experiences. Lifesight’s platform is powered by its LifeID customer graph technology, which leverages privacy-compliant 2nd & 3rd party data sets to build billions of consumer profiles globally using AI, so brands and enterprises can easily identify, engage and measure new and existing customers.

  • Metigy


    Metigy is the world's leading AI-powered Digital Marketing Solution made for SMEs. The key to Metigy’s growth has been to solve a compelling problem and make the solution really effective, easy to use and value for money. The Metigy team has developed a solution that effectively provides its SME customers with a digital marketing strategy solution that adapts to their brand. At the core is an expert system that delivers insights and actionable recommendations, to help make every marketing decision more effective.

  • Omnichat


    Omnichat enables businesses to automate e-commerce messaging via omnichannel messaging platforms, and grow faster and drive more sales. It offers CRM with Live Chat, chatbots, and marketing automations. Clients can manage their customers and chats in one place, for all channels across Website, Facebook, LINE and WhatsApp, and answer questions, recommend products, or offer sales at the exact moment they’re most engaged. Users can set up automated message flows on website and social channels to target potential customers with subscription incentives, live segmentation, recommendations, cart reminders and various remarketing campaigns